Wednesday 3 July 2013

July 2013 Portfolio Update

It's been six months to the day (Jan 3rd) since I last did a proper portfolio review. On that day the FTSE100 was sitting at 6047.3, this morning it's reading 6233.87: a gain of 3.1% over 6 months.

In the same time my portfolio has risen from £112,800 to £131,363.84 a gain of around 16.5% over that same six month period.
No new money has been invested into the portfolio, but dividends have been re-invested and trading fees have been paid so the 16.5% is the total net return. To compare on a like for like basis the FTSE has probably paid out just under 2% in dividends over the period so we should round the 3.1% up to 5%. 

The lion's share of the out-performance has come from house building companies, that I have now sold, and also from Lloyds Banking Group which I still own.

Barring a few holdings (Lloyds, Fidelity China, Polo) the majority of the portfolio is now positioned as an income fund. Hopefully this will have taken some volatility off the table, but at the same time the chances of large out-performances such as seen in the first 6 months will probably be reduced. 

This is a breakdown of holdings as of today:

Holdings Amount %
Cash £4,146.45 3.16
AstraZeneca £12,874.43 9.80
BAE Systems £6,744.91 5.13
BG Group £4,206.07 3.20
British American Tobacco £13,989.32 10.65
BT £4,410.99 3.36
Cairn Energy £3,817.80 2.91
F&C Commercial Property Trust £5,430.08 4.13
Fidelity China Special Situations £6,800.44 5.18
GlaxoSmithKline £14,557.36 11.08
Imperial Tobacco £9,034.79 6.88
Lloyds Banking Group £20,599.13 15.68
Murray International Investment Trust £7,743.34 5.89
Polo Resources £1,104.20 0.84
Tesco £8,411.08 6.40
Vodaphone £7,493.45 5.70
Total £131,363.84 100.00


  1. Hmm... comment disappeared...

    Do you use a sharedealing type service (such as the one Halifax offer) to place your trades (at £15ish a pop!)?

    Also – what is your long term view on the LBG shareprice?

  2. Hi Steve. I have two share dealing accounts. One with selftrade and one with HSBC. They are both standard and offer ISA accounts to shelter holdings against CGT etc. I would highly recommend either. Selftrade charge an account fee but I would say their data and support are slightly superior to HSBC and so possibly worth the extra.

    For me Lloyds is a long term recovery play. Over time they will return to consistent profitability and re-instate dividend payments etc and the share price will appreciate accordingly. Fortunately I paid an average purchase price of 31p so am already comfortably in profit.